E-Waste Recycling

Victory Metals & Recycling pays the highest market prices for your “E-Waste” which includes computers, circuit boards, memory chips, hard drives, modems, routers, switches, power supplies, laptop batteries and other electronic waste.

The value of your E-Waste is due to the precious metals recovery and therefore the market will drive the price up or down as to your payout for your material.

To sell your E-Waste, please bring your items to the inside scale area outside of the Scale Office at the entrance on the North side of the building.

Negative Value Items

We accept for free keyboards, mice, printers, copiers and fax machines.

Due to the complexity of recycling LCD/LED monitors, CRT screens and Tube Type TVs, we have to charge approximately $20 per unit, remember it is illegal to dispose of these items into a landfill.

Do not attempt to dismantle these screens as they can implode and cause serious injury to you and may contain dangerous chemicals. This should only be done by trained professionals.

CRT Monitor and Tube-Type TVs require trained professionals for dismantle.